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Brittanni Murry

Radley – Nov, 2014

Congratulations to Beth Houck of New Woodstock, New York, on her purchase of Radley! He will be used as a pleasure/dressage mount. Visit the ‘Satisfied Clients’ page for updates on Beth and Radley’s progress.

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Ignatius – Oct, 2014

Congratulations to Richard and Ginnie Howard of Lebanon, New Jersey on their purchase of Iggy! They will be continuing his dressage training, as well as attending pace events, and enjoying the trails. Visit the ‘Satisfied Clients’ page for updates on Richard and Iggy’s progress.

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Cricket – April, 2014

Congratulations to Barbara Reynolds of Fredericksburg, MD on her purchase of Cricket! She will be doing lower level dressage and trail riding with him. Visit the ‘Satisfied Clients’ page for updates on Barbara and Crickets progress.

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Captain – June, 2013

Congratulations to Carole Berger of New Mexico with her new partner! Captain will continue his dressage career in the beautiful sunshine of Sante Fe. Good Luck! Visit the ‘Satisfied Clients’ page for updates on Carole and Captain’s adventures.

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Chance – June, 2013

Congratulations to Carol Swartz of Maryland with her wonderful new purchase! Chance will continue his dressage career and assist Carol in rehabilitating her knee. Visit the 'Satisfied Clients' page for...
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Oreo – April, 2014

Congratulations to Jillian Chaffee on the purchase of Oreo! Oreo, renamed Tucker, will be used for pleasure, eventing, and jumping. Visit the 'Satisfied Clients' page for updates on Jillian and...
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