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Capital Area Therapeutic Riding Assoc. and Graham

November 2023 – Graham traveled well and made himself at home! Fits right in. Feeling frisky today! Thanks so much for entrusting him to us. Your work with him will help us to help others become all that they are capable of becoming. Best and blessings.

January 2024 – He’s such a good boy! Solid as can be.

May 2024 – Graham continues to reflect the influence you had on him! He’ll carry his rider at the Handicapped Riders Division of the Devon Horse Show at Thorncroft on May 25th, 2024! Thanks for entrusting him to CATRA.

Ben and Shirley Nolt – Grantville, PA

Elsie Kate and Chip

May 2023 – Chip update. We moved him up to the 3ft jumpers last weekend, and he was grand champion!! Today he did beginner novice eventing one last time before moving to novice and was amazing!! He was second place after dressage and show jumping, had a baby moment in x-country that ended in a respectable fifth! So proud of them!! He is a total superstar, athletic, and has the best brain. An amazing horse and they are so bonded!

Oct 2022 – We took Chip eventing at Plantation Field yesterday, and he was such a superstar!! Solid dressage test, clear show jumping and cross country rounds for a second place finish!! She loves this horse so much! He is the horse of a lifetime for Elsie Kate, and we wouldn’t hesitate to buy another from you! In a world with lots of shady horse sellers, its scary to be a buyer, and we appreciate you answering my millions of question, letting her try him more than once, and giving her a lesson. It all helped us make the decision.

Dec 2021 – Chip made it and settled right into his new home. We’ve enjoyed two lessons on him already. He was so well behaved.

Elsie Kate – Chester Heights, PA

Susan and Baxter (Rye)

July 2022 – Hi! I just had to share! Baxter and I moved up to BN this weekend at a pretty large, competitive show. I was pretty much a nervous wreck but he was a super star and made the giant (to me) jumps look easy! I love this boy so much!!

Nov 2021 – He’s amazing! We are both having a blast!! He is so handsome, and he’s just so so so fun to be around and work with! He’s a total character, complete lap dog. Will do almost anything for a cookie:)

Susan Hamblen – Lexington, Kentucky

Gail and Harper

May 2019 – I just wanted to let you know we got home fine. She did great. Ate her hay on the way. She settled in very well. Thanks again for being so patient.

Gail Bott – Lumberton, New Jersey

Courtney and Rigel

December 2018 – Thank you for raising such a wonderful horse, and for letting me find my “forever” horse all the way from Virginia.

Courtney Lalich – Virginia

Kelly & Finn

July 2023 – Finn is still with me and doing well… such a good boy – love him!

September 2018 – In June of this year, my trainer and I flew from GA to PA to visit several other draft cross prospects, but none of them were what I had hoped to find. While sitting in a cafe discussing our disappointment in not finding a suitable mount and knowing we would be flying back to GA the next day, we happened upon Brittanni’s website…and I saw Flint Rock. We knew we had to go see him.

It was already late in the day on a Saturday, so we weren’t sure we would even reach anyone, much less be allowed to come out for a very short notice visit. But Brittanni did take our call, and she allowed us to come. She had the horses ready and waiting. All were beautiful, but Flint Rock (now known as Fincastle, AKA “Finn”) was the one that caught my eye. When I asked about any flaws, Brittanni was HONEST and made sure I knew he was a bit of a “looker”, but not a “bolter”, if startled. My trainer and I both rode him. He was a beautiful mover and a gentleman. Brittanni allowed us to return early the next day before our flight home for a second visit to be sure, and I knew I wanted to buy this beautiful boy.

As we had no time to accomplish any “paperwork”, everything was agreed upon and sealed with a handshake. I was not able to immediately return to PA, so Brittanni assisted the Vet of my choice with the pre-purchase exam, and then had Finn ready for the transport team, documents in hand.

3 months later, he is still the beautiful mover, perfect gentleman horse he was the first day I rode him. He is a kind and willing partner who works hard to please and is fun to ride. He is exactly the horse Brittanni represented him to be.

When the day comes I want/need another horse, I will definitely come back to Anchor Creek farms as part of my search.

Kelly Sue Piland Harvey – Georgia

Allison & Arnold

March 2021 – Arnie is happy and healthy. He is the best boy and everyone’s favorite.

December 2020 – Arnie is doing 3rd Level Dressage. He’s currently leased out to a 14 year old girl who adores him, and I still ride once a week. He is the best boy and is a flying change machine.

October 2018 –  The first picture above is a picture with the French National Dressage Champion who trains with us every 2-4 months. Arnie is really coming along. He is happy, healthy, and doing everything from paper chases, working equitation, and 2nd-3rd Level dressage.

November 2017 –  Arnold is thriving and enjoying his time at Wellspring. We did one show this year and placed 1st and 3rd. I️ have taken him to several clinics and he is also a great paper chase partner. He gets 2 (5 mile) hacks per week and 2-3 schooling rides. We’ve been working on engagement to improve his trot work. He is still a Barn favorite. I️ have let about 20 people ride him including my eight year old son (who barely knows how to steer). He is always a gentleman, willing to work, and has especially enjoyed traveling on the trailer. He has also learned how to bow and ground tie from 20 meters. I️ also hop on bareback when my time is limited.

October 2016 – Arnold is amazing! He has settled in extremely well. He has about 5 other horses in his turnout group. He’s out for about 12 hours/day. I have been riding him at least 4-5x per week and he has been sound as a bell. He has a corner stall where he can watch the action from all 3 barns. He also has a fan club of 10 preteen girls who are in love with him. Everyone at the barn can’t say enough about how lovely he is to be around.
We have been schooling mostly second level movements. He finds the work easy and I am  getting better at communicating with him. He tries so hard to please and seems to enjoy the work. We have done some light hacking as well. Our barn is on a state park so there are sporting events, concerts, fairs, and even weddings. He is amazing with all the commotion. He tries so hard to be brave!
I put all four shoes on and finally found a saddle that seems to fit him/ and be comfortable for him. In the next month or so I will send you a picture/video of us working.
The evenings I don’t ride, my son and I just spend time with him.
I have to admit that I never would have picked Arnold. However, he gets more perfect everyday. Thank you so much for the match up.

Allison Bricker-Woolpert – Delaware

Joanne and Dutch

November 2017 – Dutch is doing great, I am sure you will not be surprised to hear he is a barn favorite, as a well as a favorite with my trainers.  For me he is perfect, his show name is Dutch Courage.  I am really enjoying our training and our play time.

We take a weekly dressage lesson  and jump lessons a few times in a month, we have been focusing on accurate transitions,  balanced turning and gymnastics; we also have been trail riding as much as possible this summer, alone and with groups, some dressage shows and small eventing shows. Dutch won his class (grasshopper, 20″ rails) this summer and would have had high point, but I missed the last show.  We will move up a division or two next year, depending on how winter conditioning goes.

Joanne Shelly – Ohio

Courtney & Rio

May 2017 – I just wanted to give you an update on Rio (Ares)! Today we took him to his first Dressage show / first time off the property since he arrived last August. He received a 2nd, 3rd, and 5th place. We were beyond pleased with how well he handled being in a different place and how well he did over all in the intro b, training level 1 & 2 tests! Obviously we know we still have things to work on, but that will come with time. He is such an amazing horse and words can’t express how happy we were to see how relaxed and calm he was in a show setting!

January 2017 –  We have had a lot of success and break through’s with Rio the past month or so! Our flat work is getting better and better every ride and we’ve had great success the past week jumping. On Sunday’s we’ve been doing group lessons with our trainer and working on grid work. Last week we cantered jumps for he first time and even did a one stride to a 2’9 vertical! He’s an awesome horse with quite the personality! Every day we fall more in love with him

November 2016 – We had our first jumping lesson today and he was so good! He doesn’t look at a single thing! We jumped flowers, blocks, gaits, and he just goes right over over. Doesn’t even slightly over jump them!

We also took him up to our cross country course last weekend for a hack and he was following a horse into the water jump so figured I’d see what he would do. He walked right in, zero hesitation! Apparently he loves water and wanted to stay and play in it!

He’s coming along nicely and showing lots of potential as the eventer we were looking for!

Courtney Bailey – New Jersey

Crosby & Rudy

May 2023 – Here is a picture of Rudy and his AA lease rider. He is sound and doing great.

July 2016 – Video from MayDaze Horse Trials: 24.8 in dressage

Rudy was well-behaved from the moment he stepped off the trailer almost 2 years ago.  We picked him up at the very busy Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, and even though he had already been on a commercial trailer for 10 hours, he stepped off that trailer, stretched his legs, and walked right onto our smaller trailer for the last hour of his long journey.  It was clear that Brittanni had established excellent ground manners, which is especially important with these big guys.

Since then, Rudy has become a bit of a celebrity.  People recognize him at shows, always coming to pet him and feed him carrots. In the show ring, Rudy is a star.  Out of the 9 dressage tests we have entered, Rudy has placed 1st eight times with one 2nd, always scoring in the 20s.  The judges absolutely love his way of going and his happy, workmanlike demeanor.  He makes everyone smile.  Rudy also loves jumping will be moving up to Novice level eventing this Fall.  He is the kindest, most genuine, aims to please horse that I have ever owned, and he will never leave my barn.  Thanks, Brittanni!

Crosby Rudd-Trow – Louisville, Kentucky

Sela & Eli

February 2018 –

Hi Brittanni!

I just wanted to share with you Eli’s latest greatest achievement. Yesterday was our first time jumping two feet nine inches and he did it like a champ. I hope that this is indicative of how our show season is going to go this summer. I also wanted to thank you for the beautiful Christmas card that you sent. The card is such a beautiful reflection of you as a horse trainer.

May 2016 – Eli was amazing this past weekend at his first show. Everyone absolutely loved him and people never stopped coming up to him to meet him. He was so well behaved during schooling even though it was his first time with that many horses. He didn’t refuse or think of refusing any of the fences. We competed in the Starting Hunter Division, for horses in their first year of showing.

Sela Fine – Sweet Valley, PA

Ginny & Thor (previously Ignatius)

May 2016Thor (previously Iggy (Ignatius) recently competed in his first dressage show. Training level test 1 was 3rd place with a 65.212; this was his first time in a proper dressage ring. Training level test 2 was 2nd place with a 67.692. The 1st place was 67.885. There were 10 horses in this class. Of course we thought he was the best one. This show was at Marilyn Paine’s Applewood Farm. She is an Olympic judge and head of the ground jury at this years Olympics.

5/26/2015 “Just thought I’d give you an update on Thor (purchased in 2012). He is an absolute star and everyone adores him! Never have I met a horse so willing with such a big heart.”


Richard and Ginny Howard – Lebanon, New Jersey

Carolyn & Beau (previously Bob)

February 2016 – I remember that I called you about another horse.  After we spoke for a while and I told you what I was looking for, you told me that the horse I was inquiring about was not for me, but that you had one that would be more suited.  I asked you why you had him so long, because other horses you had for sale seemed to be selling quite well.  You told me that he wasn’t what people were looking for.  And as it turned out, he was exactly what I was looking for.  We have had our moments.  He can be stubborn, especially about  loading on the trailer.  He tries to test me every time.  I love him any way.  Oh by the way, he loves to drive.

Carolyn Fox – Georgetown, Delaware

Carole & Captain

November 2022 – Captain is still the amazing trail horse. He’s brave, kind, friendly, and has a very forward walk which enables him to lead every trail ride. I love him to the moon and back.

November 2021 – Captain and I continue to trail ride every weekend. He is in training during the week to keep him fit, healthy, and happy. He’s always happy to lead…actually, he’s fine any position…very little phases him. He’s a fave of anyone who visits the barn.

December 2018 – Captain is still my reliable partner. He’s been on trouble free trail rides in Utah, Arizona, Colorado, throughout New Mexico. His trainer adores him because he’s so quick to learn.

June 2015 – Captain Amerrica in a Mark Bolender Extreme Trail Clinic. (Crossing a moving bridge.) He was a rock star in the clinic. We’re moving up to an advanced clinic in September. He is super obedient and respectful. He’s the kindest, loving horse with the most amazing brain. He was the only horse in the clinic who didn’t refuse an obstacle. The clinician, Mark Bolender, asked if he could ride him through the course. His wife rode him as well. In fact, they were so impressed by him that they let him into the September clinic, although there was a waiting list. I know I can talk him into anything, but I don’t even need to. He even mastered the balance beam, and he was, by far, the largest horse in the clinic!

June 2013 – Captain has been settling in quite well. My trainer loves him. He learns so quickly! I asked him for a shoulder in at the trot, and he did it immediately! I took him on a trail ride with eight other people, and he was such a good boy. He unloaded perfectly. When the horse in front of him began crow hopping, he just looked at him as if to say…’It’s a hot day. Why are you wasting your energy?’ I love that his big spook it just a stop. When I show him that there’s nothing to be afraid of, he’s fine. He’s been an angel boy on the trails alone or with another horse. You’ve done a beautiful job of training a young horse. That plus his wonderful brain…gotta love him.

Carole – Sante Fe, New Mexico

Grace & Prince

May 17th, 2015 – Congratulations to Grace’s trainer, Chelsie, aboard Prince, for winning their first Beginner Novice Division at Bucks County Horse Park! Way to go!

Grace – Hunterdon County, New Jersey

Sarah & Grady

Congratulations to Sara and Grady on winning their novice event at Plantation Field on May 10th, 2015. Way to go!

Spring 2013 – I thought I’d give you an update on Grady. He is such a star. So I decided to return to Eventing – something I never thought I’d do. We went to our first jumper show at Fox Crossing last month and were clear at 3′. That horse LOVES to jump. We had a lesson with a 4* rider yesterday – our first – and she adored him. She thinks he is a talented, careful, and wonderful horse. We’ll be riding with her again. I recommend you to everyone I know who is looking! He really is a wonderful boy – the highlight of my day is spending time with him. Our dressage instructor was really raving about him yesterday, too! I never thought that I’d event again – I’d quit because of an accident – but Grady is reminding me how much fun it is. Love that horse. Here is a link to one of Grady’s lessons

Sara – Adamstown, Pennsylvania

Jillian & Tucker (previously Oreo)

Tucker (previously Oreo) is doing really well and Jillian loves his manageable size and lovely personality. He is a favorite around the farm! She just had her senior photo shoot done with him and he was a perfect gentleman! Thanks again! Here is a picture from a CT event she took him to where they got 2nd place and a picture of schooling XC, he was great and really brave!

Jillian Chaffee – Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Double Dutch

Just following up to let you know Double Dutch the pony is doing great since arriving here. He settled into a stall right away and began enjoying his pile of hay. We have gradually introduced him to grass pasture, and he is now on full grass turnout for 8-12 hours each evening, which he loves. His ground manners are impeccable. I rode him twice, and Dana rode him for the first time yesterday and did a very nice job together. We love his reaction to new situations. His expressions let us know things are feeling ‘new’, but he stays so cooperative and obedient. Just a wonderful personality. He seems very happy here, and we are happy with our purchase. Thanks so much! Picture taken at the 4H/OVCTA Over the Hill Horse Show in Sept 2012.
Name – Honeybrook, Pennsylvania

Allison & Don't Question Me

Don’t Question Me at his first dressage show. He took first on test A and second on test B. “He was so great. Such an amazing boy.

Allison – Newark, Delaware

Michele & Zander

I just wanted to send you an email with how Zander is doing. He is doing WONDERFUL! He must be the sweetest horse I have ever met. He comes to me in the field when I whistle and call his name. He self loads on the trailer. I have taken him on numerous trail rides, and he is an absolute angel. His training is coming along well. We are just working on building muscle and balance. Teaching him about half halts and bending. My trainer really enjoys working with us. I am taking him to his first show this weekend. He has been such a good boy about everything so far, so hopefully that continues. He is a really special boy. Zander was such a good boy at the show yesterday. The warm area was crowded. 3 rings of dressage, stadium jumping, cross country, generators, etc., and he was such a good boy. A little distracted at times, but who could blame him. We got 2nd place in our overall w/t test with a score of 64.4%. I am most impressed with his behavior all around. He self loads on the trailer as long as he is eating, and he will stand on or next to the trailer all day. He is such a wonderful boy.

Michele – Wilmington, Delaware

Mary & Luna

Hello! Its been 3 years since we brought Luna (Moonlight Mile) home! I could not have asked for a better horse! She loves her job and is so much fun to ride:) Thanks again! You can view her at her most recent show here!

Mary – Hermitage International Training Center, Kentucky

Kim & Jet

I love Jet!! He truly is a wonderful horse!! I gave him a trace clip for the first time and he stood like a rock.

Kim – Cochranville, Pennsylvania

Betty & Arnold

Here’s pictures of Arnold (previously Pistol) doing Training level, test 2, not very difficult, but the point was to see how we behaved, and won with a 70.72% AND the highest training level score of the show. The judge said at the end that she could see more scores of 8 (we got an 8 on the right lead canter depart). It was great fun.

Betty – Lisbon, Maryland

Michaela & Thor

Thor and Michaela at their first show (they got a first, four thirds, and a sixth!) and just a day of schooling at the farm. They’re coming along along great. We love love him!!

Michaela – Schuykill Haven, Pennsylvania