Cricket – Draft Cross Gelding, 5 y.o.

**You can view his full length video with mounting, jumping, and bridling here. Cricket is a calm and mild mannered boy, with a wonderful disposition and always friendly demeanor. He is a go with the flow kind of horse. Schooling Training Level dressage, Cricket is learning the basics of stretching, balance, and collection. He loves […]

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Rudy-16.2h QH Belgian Cross-Cantering Under Saddle acf-Rudy-02

Rudy – Draft Cross 5 y.o. Gelding (Belgian/QH)

You can view a video of Rudy jumping here. You can view more of Rudy on the flat here. Rudy has the talent to succeed in the upper levels of dressage and will also excel in the jumping and eventing arenas. He has a quiet disposition with a lovable personality. He is schooling First Level […]

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Solomon-17h Percheron Cross-Extended Trot acf-Solomon-5

Solomon – Percheron Cross Gelding, 4 y.o.

Solomon is a big teddy bear with a good mind and a willingness to work. He is schooling Training Level Dressage, has three very comfortable gaits and handles himself well for a big horse. He is laid back enough for a husband horse but has the athletic capability to do flatwork, some jumping and pace […]

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Fletcher-16.1h Warmblood Cross-Trotting acf-Fletcher-8

Fletcher – Flashy Warmblood Cross Gelding, 5 y.o.

A dressage horse suitable for an amateur adult but talented enough for a professional. Fletcher is schooling First Level Dressage and has the bounce and swing dressage riders are looking for. I can’t say enough about this horse’s talent and potential – he floats along the ground and is a joy to ride. An elastic […]

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Brave-16.3h Warmblood Cross-Extended Trot acf-Brave-1

Brave – Warmblood Paint Cross Gelding, 7 y.o.

Brave excels at dressage and is currently schooling First Level. He is doing walk/canter transitions, extending his trot, and doing beginning lateral work. Ground covering strides, with nice impulsion and suspension. Brave is fun and comfortable to ride with a lot of athletic ability. He responds well to leg, seat, and hand aids, making him […]

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